On Demand Coaching

Coaching when you need it

The IT Factory's On-Demand Coaching service allows you to get Agile coaching targeted to your specific needs. Whether those needs are helping to align your software development activities with your strategic goals (OKR's), perform an agile assessment or helping to improve under performing teams or on-demand coaching can help you get there.

To get started, scroll down to setup a FREE 30 minute initial cosultation. During this session we will talk about where your orgnization is at today and where you would like to be tomorrow. If there is alignment with what we believe in and we both agree that we can help you get there, then we offer 2 week blocks of coaching time (80 hours). You then have 6 months to utilize the coaching time.

In addition we also offer a virtual roundtable session once a month to all of our clients. These sessions do NOT count against your coaching hours and are totally free. This is also a great opportunity to hear from other clients as well and have open discussions about challenges your organization is facing. For clients in Central Indiana, we also offer a monthly roundtable lunch. Similiar to our virtual roundtable, only these sessions are face-to-face.

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We are offering 10 slots of 80 hours of On-Demand Coaching for $5,000. You will have 6 months to use your hours.

We believe...

  • Processes that are team specific and geared toward maximizing the value delivered back to the organization
  • Alignment of development activities with strategic objectives
  • Constraints are a natural part of being part of a larger organization, the key is for teams to learn to operate as effeciently as possible with those constraints
  • It's ok to fail - failure is normal part of growth and expanding your knowledge. The key is to recognize failure quickly and adapt
  • Cycle time and proper story sizing are key to process improvement

We DON'T believe...

  • "Scrum in a box" - software development is not as simple of buying the giant yellow box that says "Agile" and dropping it on everyone
  • The world revolves around story points
  • Process improvement has to wait for a retrospective
  • All development fits nicely in a two week timebox

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