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The Shopfloor@The IT Factory

The Shopfloor@The IT Factory helps you manage all aspects of product development. Everything from developing a roadmap and forecasting dates in realtime, to alignment with strategic goals (OKR's) and financial valuation to Kanban boards. All in a fully integrated ewnvironments, giving you multiple persepctives of the work being done.

The Product pillar is the portfolio of all value delivered to the organization from a product perspective. Roadmaps in the Product Pillar give full view of work to be performed and real-time forecast of the delivery of upcoming items

The Initiative Pillar is the mechanism by which teams deliver value to the organization. This is where both work to be performed and work being considered resides

The Strategy Pillar is where you find the goals of the organization. By aligning Initiatives with Strategic Goals, you can see not only what value is delivered but what value is anticipated to come in the future. Roadmaps in the Strategy Pillar give you an overall view of the delivery of the Startegic Goal across all teaams, products and initiatives.

The Team Pillar is where the work to deliver value to the organization actually gets performed. Teams may perform work on multiple initiatives and products to meet the strategic goals of the organization.

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Roadmap image Date Forecasting and Roadmaps
  • Dates are forecast based up Cycle Time, Team Size and number of Business Needs/User Stories
  • Easily see the impact additional resources or process improvements would have on the timeline
  • Enter a desired date and cycle time and The Shopfloor@The IT Factory will tell you the resources needed
Roadmap image Financial Managment
  • Valuation calculated using the Weighted Average Cost of Capital method, taking into account the value of doing nothing.
  • Tracking of budgets, including benefits tied to achievement of Key Results
Roadmap image Strategic Management and OKRs
  • Value grids show what products and features delivery the most value with the least effort, allowing teams to focus on these items first and speed up the delivery of value
  • Define objectives for each Strategic Pillar
Roadmap image Monitoring and Reporting
  • Easily see how long development work is in a specific step
  • Cumulative Flow Diagrams provide a visualizatoin of Cycle Time, Throughput and Work In Progress over time
  • Ability to include Blockers on Cumulative Flow Diagram to show time worked is halted
  • Progress Overviews show the progress against the timeline, business needs, cost and benefits
Roadmap image Portfolio Management
  • Ability to view the Portfolio from multiple perspectives (Product, Initiative, Strategic and Team)
Kanban Board Image Workflow Management
  • Board are fully integrated across pillars, allowing a product board to show all work for that product regardless of team
  • Acceptance Criteria is an object rather than a text box, allowing for multiple Acceptance Critera to be defined
  • Blockers and Dependencies are an object rather than a label or comment, allowing you to easily see all blockers as well as their age
  • Defects, Blockers and Dependencies are automatically indicated on cards

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